Good Power: Leading Positive Change in Our Lives, Work, and World

By | April 1, 2023

Ginni Rometty, IBM’s former chair and CEO, has recently released a new book titled “Finding Your Way: Unleash Your Power and Highest Potential“. In the book, Rometty shares her personal journey, lessons learned, and insights on how “good power” can transform both individuals and businesses. In a video interview with The Washington Post’s Heather Long, Rometty discussed the highlights of her book and her thoughts on leadership and the future of technology.

Personal Journey and Career

Rometty’s journey to becoming one of the most influential women in the technology industry was not an easy one. In her book, she details her humble beginnings in a small town in Chicago and how she worked her way up through the ranks at IBM. Rometty shares that her passion for technology and her willingness to take risks were key factors in her success.

Lessons in Leadership

Throughout her career, Rometty learned many valuable lessons about leadership. In her interview with The Washington Post, she discussed the importance of being able to adapt to change and the ability to make tough decisions. Rometty believes that good leaders should be able to see the bigger picture and make decisions that benefit the entire organization, even if they are not always popular.

The Power of “Good Power”

One of the key themes of Rometty’s book is the concept of “good power.” Rometty defines “good power” as using one’s influence to do good for others and the world. In the interview, she explains that businesses have a responsibility to use their power for good and that it is not enough to simply focus on profits. She believes that companies should use their resources and technology to address important societal issues such as climate change, income inequality, and healthcare.

The Future of Technology

As a technology industry veteran, Rometty has a unique perspective on the future of technology. In the interview, she discussed the importance of artificial intelligence and how it has the potential to transform many industries. She believes that businesses should embrace AI and use it to make their operations more efficient and effective. However, she also acknowledges the ethical concerns surrounding AI and believes that it is important for companies to be transparent about how they use this technology.

Final Thoughts

Ginni Rometty’s new book, “Finding Your Way: Unleash Your Power and Highest Potential,” is a must-read for anyone interested in leadership, technology, and the power of good. Rometty’s personal journey and insights on leadership and “good power” provide valuable lessons for both individuals and businesses. As technology continues to shape our world, Rometty’s perspective on the future of technology is also worth considering. Overall, Rometty’s book is an inspiring and informative read for anyone looking to make a positive impact in their personal or professional life.

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