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By | January 9, 2023

As a business owner or team leader, mastering the art of leadership is crucial for success and growth. In this blog post, we will discuss seven essential qualities that every great leader should possess according to renowned author and speaker, Brian Tracy. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced leader, these qualities will help you become a more effective and inspiring figure to those you lead. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can enhance your leadership skills!

How to Master the Art of Leadership: Seven Leadership Qualities by Brian Tracy

As an aspiring leader, you might be asking yourself, “What makes a great leader?” or “How do I become a successful leader?”. In the fast-paced world of business, mastering the art of leadership can become a life-long journey for many business professionals. In this article, we’ll delve into seven leadership qualities outlined by Brian Tracy, one of the most renowned motivational public speakers, and author, to help achieve success in your leadership journey.


Brian Tracy is a Canadian-American motivational public speaker and author. He has authored over eighty books, including “Earn What You’re Really Worth” and “Eat That Frog!”. Tracy is regarded as one of the most influential business thinkers in the world. Simon Sinek, another motivational speaker, has also contributed to the field of leadership, inspiring many through his famous TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”.

In Tracy’s video, he provides guidance on mastering the art of leadership and outlines seven key leadership qualities that can help individuals become successful and effective leaders. The video is both educationally and motivationally valuable for individuals looking to improve themselves in a leadership role.

The Seven Key Leadership Qualities

  1. Vision: Great leaders have a clear vision of where they want their team or organization to progress in the future. They can envision the goals and objectives clearly, and they work to inspire their team to achieve these visions.

  2. Passion: A great leader also has passion in what they do. Passion for their work drives them towards success and inspires their team to perform better. They work to inspire and motivate their team to share in their passion, aligning everyone towards a common goal.

  3. Courage: Courageous leaders are willing to take risks and push boundaries. They are not afraid of making tough decisions that other people may shy away from. Courageous leaders inspire confidence in their team by showing them that they have the ability to overcome any obstacle.

  4. Communication: Great leaders are excellent communicators. They are willing to listen and understand the needs of their team, as well as provide feedback and direction effectively. They use open communication to foster a positive work environment, building trust within their team.

  5. Integrity: Integrity is a key quality of an effective leader. Honesty, transparency and consistency in their actions are vital. Leaders who maintain high standards of integrity inspire a sense of trust and loyalty among their team.

  6. Humility: Humility is the quality of being humble, modest, and unassuming. A great leader is not arrogant or boastful. They acknowledge and respect the contributions of their team to achieving success, giving recognition where it is due.

  7. Strategic Planning: Great leaders have excellent strategic planning skills. They are forward-thinking and have the ability to create a roadmap towards achieving their visions. They analyze current trends and predict future opportunities and challenges to improve outcomes.


Becoming a great leader is a lifelong journey that requires persistence, dedication, and continuous learning. Implementing the seven qualities outlined by Brian Tracy will help individuals effectively lead their team towards achieving success.

5 Unique FAQs

  1. What else has Brian Tracy contributed to the field of leadership?
    Answer: Brian Tracy has authored over eighty books on topics such as personal and professional development, sales, management, leadership, and business effectiveness.

  2. What is the purpose of Scott Buckley’s music in the video?
    Answer: The music provided by Scott Buckley helps to create a motivational and emotional atmosphere in the video, promoting positivity and inspiration in the audience.

  3. Is it ethical to use the video under fair use?
    Answer: Yes, as long as the video is used under fair use, and the original work’s value is not compromised, it is ethical to use the video.

  4. Can anyone become a great leader?
    Answer: Yes, anyone can become a great leader if they develop the skills and qualities required. The journey towards great leadership requires dedicated learning and practice.

  5. What is the significance of Simon Sinek’s TED Talk?
    Answer: Simon Sinek’s TED Talk, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” has inspired many individuals to seek a deeper understanding of leadership, identifying the importance of core values in achieving success.

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